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Is What You Really Want to Do, Really What You Want to Do?

While at the park the other day, I couldn't help (well I probably could've) but overhear a young woman's phone conversation. ​It sounded like she was talking to a good friend and was expounding on her near and long term life goals. Here are three statements that stood out:

"I would love to teach an art class."
"Just need to get my degrees."
"I hate having to be somewhere at a certain time."

She probably didn't realize it, but like many of us her desires were conflicting. The one thing she said she wanted to do was teach an art class. She believes to do that she has to earn her Bachelor's and Master's degrees (not necessarily true). 

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The Currency of Time

​Investing money is a simple principle; put a small percentage of your income toward an IRA or mutual fund and over time it will grow to a substantial amount. While simple, it's not necessarily easy. Even I struggle with the thought that such small amounts of money don't really matter in the long run. I'd much rather put large sums of money away less often and see the growth instantly.

The problem is, large sums of money rarely come about. Maybe a tax return here and there yeilds a few thousand and it can be saved or invested successfully. But even that won't equal the amount gained over time in much smaller increments.

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A Tip for Setting Reminders

I'm not sure how people got along without Task and To-Do lists. Sure, once upon a time "To-Do's" were simply yellow Post-It notes covering your desk, but now they're neat lists on our smartphones and tablets cluttering up some productivity app.

Everyone should have a To-Do or Reminders list somewhere, otherwise the ball will  be dropped eventually. What's even more beneficial is setting an alarm to remind you of said task in your favorite smartphone app (I personally use Apple's built-in Reminders).

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