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1 Week, 2 Countries and 3 Reasons I'm Keeping the iPhone 6 Plus

For the longest time I was convinced Canada consisted of Toronto, Montreal and moose. After my recent cruise through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Maine I was clearly proven wrong. I was there on business, photographing and capturing video for Educational Opportunities. While I certainly can't complain about this work, you can see the fruits of my labor after the break.

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Global Entry and TSA Theater

I don't fly that often, but when I do it's usually international. I work for a travel company with tours going pretty much everywhere and occasionally I get to visit another country to photograph and capture some video.

On my last trip, coming back from London through New Jersey, I missed my connecting flight due to the ridiculous custom and border protection line. During the 90 minutes I slowly crept forward in said line, I glanced over to three Global Entry kiosks across the room. There wasn't a soul at these kiosks. Needless to say, I decided to apply for the Global Entry program soon after.

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Holy Land 2013 Footage & Testimonies

Two weeks ago I was in Israel, enjoying every minute I spent in the Holy Land. Every time I come back and tell others about my trip they share their desire to go, but some are still apprehensive.

Between news, friends and other sources people think it's unsafe or dangerous to visit Israel. Bottom line: It's not. This was my second trip over, and while there I met a number of people who have visit 10 or more times.

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Understanding Palestine | Day 4

Before this trip to Israel, I honestly did not understand the extent and affect the "Palestinian - Israeli" tension had on people's everyday lives. Last night I heard an Israeli and a Palestinian discuss the history of the conflict and its current status. This brought some understanding.

Then today I was taken from Jerusalem to Bethlehem by a Palestinian driver and saw first hand what this situation means to people. I can't begin to unpack the history, but I'll share with you the one example I saw today that made it clear for me.

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