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Holy Land 2013 Footage & Testimonies

Two weeks ago I was in Israel, enjoying every minute I spent in the Holy Land. Every time I come back and tell others about my trip they share their desire to go, but some are still apprehensive.

Between news, friends and other sources people think it's unsafe or dangerous to visit Israel. Bottom line: It's not. This was my second trip over, and while there I met a number of people who have visit 10 or more times.

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iMessage Tip: Turn on Read Receipts

​​If you're using an iPhone running iOS 5 or later, you'll notice that some of your text message bubbles appear blue instead of green. That's because when you message a fellow iPhone or iPad user, that text is actually sent via Apple's iMessage service. So what's the difference?

iMessages are actually send over your phone's data connection rather than your carrier's SMS service, meaning those iMessages don't count towards your text message limit (if you have one). In addition iMessage allows you to see when the other person is typing with an ellipses, provides a delivered receipt when your message has successfully gone through, and if it's turned on, will tell you when that person has actually Read that message. Pretty useful stuff.

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