Embracing Doubt

Christians, we have made doubt and questioning our faith a sinful act. Even for our youth and children who grow up in church, we either brush off inquiries of "why the Bible?" and "why is there suffering?", or leave the questioner wanting by replying, "the Bible says so."

How else can a person move from unbelief to knowledge? They must ask questions, receive good answers, and continue on the path toward truth. I believe one of the main reasons young people have fled to "science as the answer for all" is because it is based on posing questions. Science begins with a question, a hypothesis, and seeks an answer.

If someone is on a journey to uncover truth, they too will have questions. And we must be ready to answer them well. Science cannot prescribe morality, explain our origin, or give meaning, but Jesus can.

We cannot all be apologists and theologians, but there are good answers to even the tough questions. There are abundant resources easily accessible on the internet, and answers readily available.

If we desire to see younger generations grow strong in faith, we must put forth greater effort, and "always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks for a reason for the hope that is in [us].” (1 Peter3:15).