For My Wife

There once was a boy, traveled far from his home,
his dreams of true love still young and yet bold.
A search far and wide, failed attempts, too much haste,
but soon she appeared, all beauty and grace.

Through pursuit and persuasion he won her attention,
months later made clear his eager pretension.
Let’s be together forever, like others before,
we’ve accomplished one year, how hard could be more?

Vows spoken, rings given, celebration and cheers,
the two are now one, for months and for years.
Ready for anything, onward together,
the thorns and the thistles, for worse and for better.

But no thing can prepare this boy and this girl,
for the road quickly roughens, and life does its twirl.
Hard lessons it teaches, day after day,
life rarely prepares what to do or to say.

A child and jobs, a second and third,
there were times grown apart, but thankfully cured.
The challenges constant, for some it’s too much,
but we have remained, God’s grace lifts us up.

No longer a boy or a girl at a glance,
ten years we have been, ‘twas not left to chance.
Dreams of love are now different, but more powerful still,
we now know what it takes, hard work does fulfill.

While love sometimes looks like laundry and dishes,
small moments mean more between swipes and the swishes.
The work isn’t over, more lessons await,
but our love has endured, never left to just fate.

This boy and this girl, into man and to wife,
a decade, a blink, we’ve created a life.
My home is now you, no doubt in my mind,
together and forward, more love we will find.

Happy Anniversary.