Fulfillment Isn't Always Getting To Do What You Want

There's this idea planted in our minds from a young age that if we study long enough, and work hard enough, one day we'll earn the privilege of only doing things we enjoy. Our job will align with our passion which aligns with our calling, and we will reach personal utopia.

As long as you don't mess up, drop out of college, or make the wrong job choice, you'll be able to do fulfilling work that you're passionate about and love every minute of everything you do.

That is a lie.

At some point we began to equate fulfillment with getting to do want we want, but the two are not always in tandem. You may enjoy volunteering at your local church and find it fulfilling, but many times fulfillment doesn't come until after the hard work is done.

I don't enjoy exercising, at all. But the accomplishment I feel knowing I have exercised is worth the drudgery. So exercise doesn't equal enjoyment, but it can equal fulfillment.

Raising children includes many tasks you won't enjoy. Poop diapers, sick children, disobedience, and the list goes on. But knowing you managed to raise them into sympathetic and intelligent adults is fulfilling.

That dream job you have on a pedestal may include many tasks you don't enjoy, like answering 100s of emails a day, having to fire someone for the first time, or having the pressure of a board of directors over you. But doing that job well may bring an immense satisfaction.

Don't judge your passion or your work by how much you enjoy all the tasks required, but judge your rate of fulfillment after the hard work is done.