No One Will Care As Much As You

The ambitious leader seeks a job where his or her passion and skills intersect. To find work we are both good at and enjoy doing is an elusive goal, but once accomplished can be extremely fulfilling. Especially if the only person responsible for that work is you.

When we finally settle into our "calling", we become champions for the cause. But if there are others on the team, they will never care as much as you. That's not to say they won't enjoy their work at times or even see the purpose of it, but they do not share your drive.

When it is your purpose and goals other people are working towards, they will constantly falter in enthusiasm. It was not their idea to begin with; they are only supporting your dream. And that can be wearing.

Every missed assignment and overlooked detail becomes a personal affront. How could they miss this? Don't they know how important this work is?! You will always be the one that cares the most, but it's also your responsibility to help others catch the vision.

As the leader, you must always be pointing toward the end goal; the win. All the while, running alongside your team yelling: There it is! Can you see it? We can't get there without you!

You must constantly be communicating the vision and pointing forward. You must be running alongside and encouraging everyone else, as they will always tire faster than you. Your motivation and drive are pure. You believe in the vision wholeheartedly, but unless you consistently tell others why they should care, they never will.