Science is a Skilled Servant and a Terrible Master

Society believes it has an invincible takedown argument for religion, and it consists of one word: science.

I see it over and over again, belief in God is discarded as a fool's errand "because science". Any intelligent person should see the omniscience of empirical study and relegate faith to those who are dumb, desperate, and weak.

Walking on water, healing the blind, raising the dead? Nonsense.

Setting aside the numerous documented miracles happening today, and the problem of dismissing historical miracle events a priori without research (for both points, see: Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts) science has unavoidable limitations.

Every worldview, be it atheism or Christianity, must give an answer to these topics:

  • Origin
  • Morality
  • Meaning
  • Destiny

If you have traded the worship of God for the worship of science, what answers does it offer to these questions? Scientists admit we do not know what existed before the Big Bang. Even Neil deGrasse Tyson (whom I am a fan) in the latest Cosmos series admits the beginning of the universe is "unknown."

Likewise, science cannot prescribe Morality. Our judicial system may decide what is legal based on human opinion, but no earthly source provides an objective "ought." The closest Naturalism comes to a moral system is natural selection, which if true, means we should stop caring for those who do not contribute to society, like the elderly.

Even Richard Dawkins, one of the loudest apologists for Atheism claims we are just "dancing to our DNA," everything is determined and moral choices don't even exist! The murderer is only acting upon the genes given to him through evolution and chance, removing all accountability to morality.

What about Meaning? If there is no afterlife, what purpose do we seek now? Hedonism and the quest for pleasure is all that remains. Ask those who have achieved ultimate pleasure and they will tell you all the money, luxury, and pleasure still leaves you empty and wanting more.

And Destiny? None. Science cannot observe or measure the afterlife, so it must not exist. Therefore the religion of science offers these answers:

  • Origin: Don't Know
  • Morality: Can't Say
  • Meaning: Good Luck
  • Destiny: No Such Thing

Should we disregard science altogether? Never. I love science, discovery, and the pursuit of uncovering our natural world. But for science to dictate philosophy, metaphysics, and morality is beyond its ability.