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Stop Freaking Out About Facebook Messenger

Once again social media has rewarded the hysterical. As you may have heard, Facebook is forcing users to download their individual Messenger app if they would like to message fellow Facebook users. This has been a built-in feature to the current Facebook app, but now they are breaking it out for several reasons.

Know that Facebook is not doing this just to spite its users. Instead, Facebook is attempting to complete on a large scale with the many other popular 3rd party messenger apps (Line, Kik, Whatsapp, etc.) Especially outside the U.S., 3rd party messenger apps are extremely popularand breaking out the app means Facebook can develop and focus on its messenging features to compete.

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One-Handed Phones for Moms

​As most of my family is eligible for phone upgrades this month, my wife and I discussed what she might want next. She currently has an iPhone 4, previously had an Android phone. The viable options now are upgrade to a newer iPhone or try something different.

Windows Phone is out, as many of the apps she uses and has for our kids to use are not available on WP. There's also a killer grocery app that syncs on iPhone that we use all the time. Crazy to get excited about a grocery list app; but just wait til you're married with two kids.​

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Don't Buy Any Technology for 2 Weeks

​Usually I write these "Don't Buy Any ____" posts because an impending Apple event may reveal major updates to their product line. This time, it goes beyond Apple: October is a huge month for the technology industry as a whole.

Earlier this week, Apple announced a "media event" for Tuesday, October 23rd.​ The long rumored iPad Mini is said to make its debut, along with a refresh to the iMac computer and possible a 13" Retina MacBook. So if you were thinking about buying any ​kind of Apple product in the near future, definitely wait until after this event. 

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