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iPhone X: The Future Is Close

Ten years. From its initial launch in 2007, we have seen ten major iterations of the iconic iPhone (not including the 5c and SE). This year, Apple has made a significant move to change how we think of the iPhone. I believe the simultaneous release of the familiar iPhone 8 and the new iPhone X is no coincidence. For many, getting a better phone without the learning curve and pain of slow-to-update apps for the iPhone X makes the 8 and 8 Plus the right choice for many iOS lovers.

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A Brief Review of the iPhone 7

Every year Apple releases a new iPhone, and it seems that with each passing iteration of Apple's most profitable device, more people are aware and interested in what has changed. With the new iPhone 7, more than any previous model, I have received the most questions and inquiries via private messaging and social media.

It's no secret that Apple sells millions of iPhones, but it seems the *mindshare* is growing, where people even outside the tech bubble are increasingly interested in new releases as they happen (and are also aware when phones blow up).

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Predicting The iPhone 7

For the most profitable company in the world, 50% of Apple’s revenue comes from one device: the iPhone. As a company of habit, the iPhone 4 - 4s - 5 - 5s - 6 - 6s pattern will probably continue next September and bring with it the iPhone 7.

Typically, Apple releases design changes in the number-change years, and internal updates with “s” years (with the exception of Apple Pay in the iPhone 6). So if a new external design is coming, what might that bring? Here are a few of my personal predictions:

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