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iPad for Musicians eBook

I love technology. And I'm passionate about it. So passionate in fact, that I want everyone I come in contact with to understand and have great experiences with the technology around them. Many times that means helping someone understand their smartphone, computer or tablet.

If you've seen any of my work, you'll know I'm an Apple advocate. I believe in terms of reliability, design and ease of use, Apple products like the iPhone and iPad will give people the best experience available today. And when used well, these products can improve aspects of their work, hobbies and day-to-day life. That's the main drive behind my daily podcast, and now this. My first eBook, iPad for Musicians.

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Apple's WWDC 2013: Last Minute Thoughts

Today at 1pm EST, Apple will be holding it's developer's keynote in San Francisco. This annual event is one of the few times a year when Apple announces major product and software updates. But this year is different.

Sure, Apple continues to be wildly successful. iPhones and iPads continue to dominate the market, in mind share and in profit. But in the past year, other companies have been gaining traction (namely Google and Samsung). And at Google I/O last month we've seen that in design, mobile software innovation and the cloud, Apple has fallen behind.

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Why iPad is Still the Best Choice [Musician Edition]

​I've had several friends and family ask recently whether they should buy Apple's iPad or the new Kindle Fire HD. ​The bottom line remains: the iPad still has the largest and highest quality app selection on the market for tablets. And apps are what make your device truly productive.

The most recent example was a music teacher asking me which would be a better choice. Hands down, the iPad. Garageband (an app for the iPad made by Apple) is one of the most powerful apps for any mobile device. The ability to record multi-track audio, synthesize instruments like full drum sets, orchestral strings and keyboards, USB mic and instrument support, and the ability to play music simultaneously with others make it any musician's dream.

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3 Things an iPad Can Replace

​Despite having close to 90% of the tablet market, some people still feel the iPad is a consumption-only device and is not made for productivity. For some time now, this assumption has been incorrect. There are people all over the world using iPads to accomplish tasks that weren't possible before and many who have replaced dated and unintuitive systems with an iPad.

The following are three examples of the iPad's productive ability. Far from "play," these use cases clearly show the potential iPad has to be a productive work horse for your business. Some use cases that I have omitted include patient monitoring and other uses for the medical field, the vast array of apps for educational institutions and students alike, and more. To see how some of the largest companies are integrating the iPad, visit Apple’s Business Profile’s page.

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iMessage Tip: Turn on Read Receipts

​​If you're using an iPhone running iOS 5 or later, you'll notice that some of your text message bubbles appear blue instead of green. That's because when you message a fellow iPhone or iPad user, that text is actually sent via Apple's iMessage service. So what's the difference?

iMessages are actually send over your phone's data connection rather than your carrier's SMS service, meaning those iMessages don't count towards your text message limit (if you have one). In addition iMessage allows you to see when the other person is typing with an ellipses, provides a delivered receipt when your message has successfully gone through, and if it's turned on, will tell you when that person has actually Read that message. Pretty useful stuff.

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