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1 Week, 2 Countries and 3 Reasons I'm Keeping the iPhone 6 Plus

For the longest time I was convinced Canada consisted of Toronto, Montreal and moose. After my recent cruise through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Maine I was clearly proven wrong. I was there on business, photographing and capturing video for Educational Opportunities. While I certainly can't complain about this work, you can see the fruits of my labor after the break.

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Stop Freaking Out About Facebook Messenger

Once again social media has rewarded the hysterical. As you may have heard, Facebook is forcing users to download their individual Messenger app if they would like to message fellow Facebook users. This has been a built-in feature to the current Facebook app, but now they are breaking it out for several reasons.

Know that Facebook is not doing this just to spite its users. Instead, Facebook is attempting to complete on a large scale with the many other popular 3rd party messenger apps (Line, Kik, Whatsapp, etc.) Especially outside the U.S., 3rd party messenger apps are extremely popularand breaking out the app means Facebook can develop and focus on its messenging features to compete.

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Apple's iPhone Event 2013

Yesterday's Apple event officially unveiled the iPhone 5S and 5C with release dates. In this episode of The Tech Tailor podcast, I walk you through the event news and give a brief buying guide for the new iPhones. Click on the audio player after the break to play the episode.

You can find show notes with links to the event video, iPhone feature pages or leave a comment at: Leave a comment or rating on the iTunes podcast page and email questions to be answered on the show to:


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Apple's WWDC 2013: Last Minute Thoughts

Today at 1pm EST, Apple will be holding it's developer's keynote in San Francisco. This annual event is one of the few times a year when Apple announces major product and software updates. But this year is different.

Sure, Apple continues to be wildly successful. iPhones and iPads continue to dominate the market, in mind share and in profit. But in the past year, other companies have been gaining traction (namely Google and Samsung). And at Google I/O last month we've seen that in design, mobile software innovation and the cloud, Apple has fallen behind.

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