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iPad for Musicians eBook

I love technology. And I'm passionate about it. So passionate in fact, that I want everyone I come in contact with to understand and have great experiences with the technology around them. Many times that means helping someone understand their smartphone, computer or tablet.

If you've seen any of my work, you'll know I'm an Apple advocate. I believe in terms of reliability, design and ease of use, Apple products like the iPhone and iPad will give people the best experience available today. And when used well, these products can improve aspects of their work, hobbies and day-to-day life. That's the main drive behind my daily podcast, and now this. My first eBook, iPad for Musicians.

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Never Tolerate Incompetence

​Developing a motivated and unified team is your job as a leader. One of the key ways to destroy both of those adjectives in your team is putting up with someone who is clearly, obvious to all, not doing their job. Or worse, incapable of doing it.

I was in a music rehearsal the other night, full orchestra. We were rehearsing for an upcoming pop concert with several pieces that called for a full drum set. The drummer at that evening's rehearsal was appalling. Not only could he not keep a steady beat, not only was every fill out of time and tasteless, and not only did everybody know it, but the director said nothing.....

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Christian Artist, Christian Music

My uncle and I entered a lively conversation via Facebook regarding Christian artists and the music they produce. You can read the comments here. Basically, the question is should a "Christian Artist" solely produce music that directly relates to his faith? Or can a Christian who is also an artist produce both religiously inspired works, and music for music's sake?

The point my uncle has made is that a Christian cannot separate his "art from his faith." While I agree to a point, I believe a Christian can make art for beauty, out of pain or sadness, but does not have to implicitly relate to Christianity. Although, I've found that even music composed without a spiritual basis can be used to worship as well.

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