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The Secret to Productive Email

If email were a plague, surely the human race would be long gone by now. Email is the arch-enemy to productivity, focus and peace. It's by no means the fault of those sending these emails, as I'm sure they're relatively important or job-related. But the sheer number of emails most people receive can be harrowing.

I had recently gotten to a place where it became impossible to finish a single task in one sitting. Constantly being interrupted by single emails would break concentration. In addition, if the email was requesting something I could finish quickly, I would stop my current task to address the simple request and move it out of my inbox. This brought some satisfaction as I was completing a task, but the main project or time-sensitive task would suffer from small lapses in productivity.

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How to Eat an Elephant

​The most difficult step in any project is the first one. Getting started on a task, be it reading a book, writing a paper or learning a piece of music can be extremely difficult. When all you can see is the finished product, the entire elephant, it seems impossible to complete.

But every task, no matter how daunting, has a manageable first step.​

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3 Things an iPad Can Replace

​Despite having close to 90% of the tablet market, some people still feel the iPad is a consumption-only device and is not made for productivity. For some time now, this assumption has been incorrect. There are people all over the world using iPads to accomplish tasks that weren't possible before and many who have replaced dated and unintuitive systems with an iPad.

The following are three examples of the iPad's productive ability. Far from "play," these use cases clearly show the potential iPad has to be a productive work horse for your business. Some use cases that I have omitted include patient monitoring and other uses for the medical field, the vast array of apps for educational institutions and students alike, and more. To see how some of the largest companies are integrating the iPad, visit Apple’s Business Profile’s page.

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