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Innovation and Obsolescence

Once a month I make an appearance on the Mayhem in the AM radio show in Lakeland, Florida as their “tech guy.” I’ve been talking about Black Friday deals and gift ideas the past two episodes, but today we received an interesting question from a caller. His question went something like this:

Do you think there will ever be another technology like the telephone that just becomes standard and stops changing every year?

Considering I was talking about holiday gadgets it took me slighty off guard. After the show was over and I got to thinking about it, I’m not sure any piece of technology, past or present, has stopped changing. Unless it’s dead.

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Thank You for Your Prompt Reply

I get this a lot:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
Thanks for replying so fast.
Thank you for your prompt reply.

I take special care about responding to people, regardless of the medium of communication. If you text me, I'll text back right away. Email? Minutes. Voicemail...well I'm getting better at that. But when I know someone has contacted me for any reason, I respond quickly. Why?

Because people appreciate it.

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3 Rules For Purchasing New Technology

When it comes to purchasing a new device, computer or even paying for web services, most people feel a sense of apprehension. We ask ourselves: Is this the best thing in its category? Will it be obsolete next month? Will it be cheaper? Will I understand how to use it? All these are valid questions, but the bottom line remains the same: Is this product right for you?

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