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Black Thursday and the Death of Thanksgiving

I have a funny tradition every Black Friday. I sleep in (as much as two small children allow), eat breakfast around 11 something, and go out to the stores mid-afternoon. Yes, I miss all the crazy sales. But I also miss the mayhem.

I've only spent one Black Friday morning waiting in line. I was in college, home for Thanksgiving, and my Dad and I drove out to Circuit City at 4am. They were opening at 5am and we figured there shouldn't be too much of a line. All I really wanted were a couple seasons of 24 on DVD anyway. 

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Black Thursday: Consumerism Goes Too Far

I get it. Really, I do. Black Friday is a time for companies to put on crazy sales and get out of whatever financial deficit they have before the new year. I also understand that there are professional Black Friday shoppers who save five million dollars doing all their Christmas shopping this one day. But this year, Black Friday has gone too far.

The only Black Friday I actively participated in was Circuit City about seven years ago. They opened at 5am and my Dad and I got their around 4am. There were already over 400 people in line ahead of us (I know because they counted us as we entered the store and I was 450-something).

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