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A Truly Open Corporate Culture

If you didn't know, @jack is the CEO and founder of two very popular and modern companies: Twitter and Square. One is a social network, the other a modern payment platform revolutionizing how people run their small business. I follow @jack on Twitter and always found him intriguing. 

Recently I found the following article and video from Forbes describing a writer's encounter with the young, millionaire entrepreneur. One of the most interesting pieces is his corporate policy for communication.

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Why I Unlinked Twitter and Facebook

For the longest time I had, like most people, Tweets automatically ​posted to my Facebook profile. It seemed effective, post once and have it show up on both of the main social networks I utilize. Then it became a chore.

With apps like Instagram you can post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. I wanted to tweet the photo, obviously, but I prefer how the photos appear on Facebook when they're direct from Instagram (rather than just a link in the FB status). Same with apps like Vine and Foursquare. ​I could always go to Facebook and delete the duplicate post, but that was getting tedious.

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