The World Is Sick

Two nights ago, the deadliest shooting in United States history took place in Las Vegas. One man killed 59 people and injured 500 more. To call it a tragedy is an understatement.

For those grieving because they have lost a friend or family member, you are justified in feeling violated. Something was wrongfully taken, a human life. Yet even those of us who did not lose someone two nights ago, we have a powerful feeling deep inside:

Things ought not be this way.

The senseless killing of so many lives pierces our soul. Why? Because we all recognize that human beings have intrinsic worth. It is no matter what those victims did in their life, how good of a person they were, or what beliefs they held: Their life was sacred, and their life was violated.

We feel this in the wake of senseless killing like in Las Vegas, and we feel it during widespread tragedy like in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Key West and Houston. It is inescapable, the idea of something terribly wrong in our world.

This recognition of intrinsic value has profound implications. But these events also reveal a darkness of the human heart. How can one man bring himself to take the lives of so many? What does it say about the human condition?

While we may be confident that we would never do such a thing, the bar for “goodness” is not as low as we think. For those who hold to a Judeo-Christian worldview, Jesus instructs in Matthew 5:21-22 that if we are angry with our brother, we are guilty of murder. And if we look on another person with lust, it is the same as adultery.

We are all guilty, because the human heart is hopelessly damaged. The world is sick, and the only cure lies outside the material universe. Science cannot engineer a world without evil, legislature cannot change a heart, nor can pleasure ever be enough to compensate for the pain.

According to Richard Dawkins, the Las Vegas shooter was “dancing to his DNA.” Hopelessly following the pre-wired brain he was born with; no accountability, no choice. But we don’t accept that. Even those who hold to naturalism cry out in protest.

Things are not how they ought to be!

There is only one hope, one person who can restore the human heart. He is the sole Redeemer, because He is also the Creator. You are right to lament in the face of tragedy, to feel the violation of human life. Those feelings come from the soul, from the “eternity placed in our hearts.”

Go to the person of Jesus even now. He will field your anger and despair, He understands the human heart. The world is sick, and He is the cure.