Why Creative People Struggle To Make Something New

The blank canvas, blinking cursor, an empty chord chart; if you work in a creative field you understand the struggle of starting something new. We’ll tweak our website, get lost in social media, or look to revamp something we’ve already made, anything to distract us from the daunting blank page.

Why is it so hard to create? If we love what we do and have a true passion for it, what causes the angst at the outset of a new project?

For many of us, it is the self-inflicted expectation that our next work must be our best work. We feel like if we don’t create something better or more meaningful than ever before, why should we even begin?

Our brain tricks us into thinking we have to top ourselves with every new work, otherwise it’s useless. Few things can haunt a creator like the idea that their best work is behind them.

Many times we wait around for inspiration. We stare at the water, sky, people; hoping an incredible idea will arrive like the cliché lightbulb. Meanwhile, we are producing nothing.

Instead of waiting for the perfect idea, create opportunities for inspiration. Make something every day. Give yourself permission to make something average, at least you are creating!

No one has to see every piece of art you create, or hear every song you write. Just be in the habit of making something new every day, and you can be sure your best work is ahead of you.