Why Small Businesses Should Spend Marketing Dollars on Facebook

I've advised three different companies and brands in the past week that Facebook has one of the best ROI percentages for ad dollars spent. As a business page, Facebook only lets 6% of those who like your page see your posts in their News Feed. So pushing people to like your page without spending money to boost posts means you only reach a fraction of your following.

On the flip side, if you pay to boost a post or advertise on Facebook, you can target a very specific market and demographic, plus you get guaranteed views or clicks to your website. Even $20 - $30 can go a long way with a Facebook ad.

Now they made it even easier to manage ads for business pages with their updated / new (not sure which, but I hadn't heard of it before) app for the iPhone. Looks well designed and would make managing ads much easier than their website. Will share some thoughts on usability soon.