You're Not Good Enough

Watching The Voice last night, the final contestant was an 18 year old, gospel style singer that admitted he struggles with confidence. This admittance came right after he completely killed a song and wowed every judge with his voice. How can someone so talented struggle with confidence?

"My eighth grade teacher said I wouldn't become anybody."

That's why this great vocalist struggles with confidence. A comment made by a teacher five years earlier still haunted him as he owned the stage on a national TV show. That is the power of the tongue.

I attended a Christian University specifically with the dream to become a worship leader. Towards the end of my freshman year, an upperclassman who I respected and admired told me, "You don't seem like much of a worship leader." That sentence (along with other factors) threw me into a state of confusion that led to an accounting internship, leaving college for a semester, and truly struggling with my calling for a couple years. 

Note: Immediately after college I was offered a position as a worship leader that lasted four years.

What you say can bring life and encouragement, or confusion and death. When you're in a position of authority or hold someone's admiration, the care you must take in the words you speak is immense. And in the same vein, if someone has spoken negatively towards you, know that they do not have the final say in your success or calling. But if you internalize what they have said and take it to heart, it can affect years of your life for better or worse.