A Job Half Done


Before I imply my own sainthood, let me preface this by saying, I don't wash the dishes every night. But when I do, I make sure to wash all the dishes. Not just the easy ones, but even the pan with baked on cheese and spaghetti sauce. The one that may necessitate a chiropractor the next day.

I'm sure my wife would appreciate even some of the dishes washed if not all, but there's a different level of gratitude when the job is done completely and to a high standard. The same is true in the workplace.

If you offer to "cover" for a coworker, or choose to ease their workload and own some tasks, be sure to do it well. A job half done or done poorly will cause more harm than good. And will dissuade your teammates from trusting you in the future.

Stephen Robles

Story Group, Lakeland, FL

Director of Creative Arts & Technology @WeAreCrossing | Snapchat + Instagram: stephenrobles