A Labor of Love


Noun: a task done for pleasure, not reward.

When you are driven to improve something, or work towards a more creative product, those comfortable with the status quo will develop an animosity towards you. If you show that something better is possible, that better thing will be expected and it becomes more work for everyone. 

Many people are comfortable with "the norm," and actually oppose the idea of trying to make something better. "If it ain't broke, dont' fix it." But the truth is, almost anything can be improved upon; and if the process has been perfected, ask if there's an even better way to accomplish the task.

When there is no immediate financial or recognizable reward for this extra effort, effort is rarely spent. But for those who are not satisfied with how things "have always been done," their work is a labor of love. The work may not be appreciated by others, and even despised by some, but the drive for betterment cannot be stopped.

Stephen Robleslabor