A Time to Rush, and a Time to be Methodical


I like getting things done quickly. Multitasking, multiple screens, reading the next email while I finish writing the last; it feels extremely productive. When you can do it well, it feels very satisfying.  But even though some tasks can be finished quickly, doesn't mean they should. 

When I do have an opportunity to take a break and read for leisure, I treat it as a task. The more articles I've saved that get checked off the list as "read" feels just as productive. But is that the point? I don't want the things I enjoy doing to become just like the tasks I check off for work. 

Try not to lump every activity under the "get it done fast" category. Stop, wait, read slowly and write methodically. Maybe it's just a short story, a parenting article, whatever it is, don't rush through it all. Go slow every once in a while.


Stephen Roblesrush