Ask for Input


Instituting a new practice or significant change in an organization is always difficult. Not only executing the change, but having those around you buy-in to its benefits or advantages. Without a willing team, change will be exponentially harder.

There's no way to force someone into thinking your idea is a good one, let alone the one that should be acted upon, but you can give them an opportunity to become a part of it. Before you act on a new plan, ask for the input of others. "What do you think about...?" and "How would you change....?" are great questions. 

You may not use all the advice given to you, after all there will probably be conflicting ideas and everything in-between. But two things happen when you bring others into the process early: They feel a part of the idea, which makes it easier to swallow once it's implemented, and you will probably get some bona-fide good advice that will make your proposal even better. Win-win for all.