Beauty in Monotony


Those things we must do over and over again every day; hearing the alarm clock, brushing our teeth, taking out the trash, they get old quickly. They wear on us and we wish we would never have to do them again.

Yet we never ask the sun to stop showing off as it sets. We don't ask the waterfall to stop repeating it's mesmerizing motion. We look forward for the next breeze across our face. These things are monotonous too, but in them we see the beauty.

There is beauty even in the tedious tasks of our day. At times it's difficult to enjoy them, sometimes we resent them. But as a child will always ask, "do it again, do it again", let us share their recognition of the monotonous. After all, serving in a soup kitchen day after day may seem monotonous, but to those on the receiving end it's welcome repetition. 

"...let us not become weary in well doing..." - Galatians 6:9

Stephen Roblesmonotony