Benefit Others


If you have an entrepreneurial personality, and you're motivated to achieve, it can be hard to be part of a team. A team is trying to accomplish something great, but doing it together. That means some of the people on the team will be required to do work that benefits others more than themselves.

A driven person knows there is no time to waste. Every action and decision is held to the light of success. If being a part of a team doesn't benefit us directly, we question the purpose of being on the team at all. But teamwork, albeit slow and difficult, grows character, trustworthiness, and can accomplish things greater than the individuals that form it. 

When you're on a team, much of the work you do is celebrated collectively. The team accomplished it, and you were just a part. That can be difficult to accept for some people, but even the most driven entrepreneur will need a second pair of hands to grow the business. And whether it's two people or two hundred, you're a team.