Better Than You Found It



Growing up, Royal Rangers (a kind of Boy Scouts) was a huge part of my life. Several camping trips a year, learning to tie knots and lash rope, building a fire; I loved it all. 

One of the strict mottos we followed was: "Always leave a campsite better than you found it." That meant replacing the clump of grass and dirt you removed from the fire pit, cleaning the site with tremendous detail, and investing in the land you "borrowed" for the weekend. This practice came with a sense of accomplishment and gratefulness.

Today was difficult for me, as I said goodbye to many of the people I have worked with the past five years. Leaving a job can be difficult, leaving one you love is heartbreaking. And as people proclaim their "we'll miss you"'s and "thank you"'s, it hurts all the more. 

But, I take great joy hearing from others that what I've contributed made positive change in the company. The campsite is just a little better than how I found it, and that means the world to me. 

Stephen Roblesjob