Beyond Repair


There are some things in life that cannot be mended. And if it is able to be fixed, rarely does something return to the original level of quality after it's broken. Glue, tape, adhesive; these things can bring broken pieces back together, but they will never be one again.

Your child's favorite stuffed animal is accidentally thrown in the wash, the ball is run over by a lawn mower, a toy drops down the stairs, all these end in tears knowing that things will never be the same. But not all things in life are unrepairable. Some things can even come back stronger. 

Maybe there's a person from your past you haven't spoken to in years. There was an offense, a betrayal; a bridge was burned. It may seem that friendship is beyond repair, and while there will always be scars, a relationship can be mended and be even stronger than before. Do not write that person off forever. It may hurt, and it will be difficult, but you can repair and bring healing if you choose.

Stephen Roblesrepair