Brain Dump


There is a running list going on in all our minds. Where we need to be for lunch, things we can't forget to do, the assignment for tomorrow, that bill due next week; it's all swimming around in your head. Then, you sit down and attempt to be creative, and you can't get past the mountain of things.

Perhaps music can drown it out. Brute force too. But you'll never have 100% of your creative faculties while the pile of to-do's are waiting. We all process and organize our lists differently, but here's something that might help: get everything out of your mind with a "brain dump."

This is not an original concept (see Getting Things Done by David Allen), but can be truly helpful. Write down, or put in your phone, all the places and events you need to remember with a reminder time. Write down every task, assignment and time-sensitive duty in a reminders app, or in a notebook, and assign each a due date.

Even every random idea, thought, hope and long-term goal, write (or type) it all somewhere. It's cathartic, and if you're able to organize it so you're not worried about forgetting anything, your mind will be a little more at ease.

Stephen Roblesbrain