Change of Scenery


Ever have to say or write a word over and over again? Strangely, the word seems to lose its meaning after so much repetition. In the mind, you still remember its significance, but the word begins to look and sound foreign. 

It's easy for this phenomenon to happen in our daily routine as well. The relentless march of each week can make us lose our focus. We can't solve an issue because we're too close in proximity. It's easy to become farsighted and overlook the things right under our nose. 

One of the benefits of travel is a reprieve from the ordinary, a time that can help you refocus on the things closest to you. Sometimes the answer to getting past writer's block, or creativity block, is a change of scenery. The beach, mountains, the lake on the other side of town, that coffee shop you haven't been to; it doesn't have to be far, just different. 

Stephen Roblesscenery