Change Your Direction


Do anything for long enough and you become blind to the flaws in the system. Like a stream running through the mountains, over time it creates a trench so deep that it can only go that direction. It does not question its path or try something new, the rut is there and the stream follows.

For some professions, this might be an admirable trait. For the butcher, doing the same thing day after day, year after year only sharpens his skill. The tools of a scale and blade require repitition to master. But for many companies, as the world, information, and technology progress, to stay in the same rut means certain death.

There's no way to predict the future, but as a leader you must fix your eyes on the trends. What will your industry look like in ten years? In twenty? Will your current practices aid forward progress or hold you back? Be careful not to let the trench become so deep that the world leaves you behind. 

Stephen Roblesprogress