Confliction Allowed


When a heated topic arises, internet culture wants to shove you into one box or the other. They say you are forced to choose a side and defend it. Those in the middle are seen as unthoughtful or uneducated.

But the truth is, as human beings we have many conflicting emotions. We hear of a person's stance or see the action they have taken and label it as absolutely wrong. Then we, or someone close to us is put in a similar situation and our eyes open to all the possible consequences.

Of course there are things you may hold as unshakeable. Truths or beliefs you never (admittedly) doubt. But when you are conflicted and unsure what the "right" answer is, don't let culture force you to a side. Saying "I don't know" and identifying with both sides of an argument is also acceptable.

Stephen Roblesconfliction