Consistency Threshold


They say it takes 21 days to solidify a new habit. Apparently that's nonsense. Studies show it can take two to eight months to form a new habit, and even that isn't guaranteed.

I have written random articles and blogs for about seven years, and my unspoken goal was to do some kind of writing consistently. I attempted once a month, once a week, even three to five times a week, but each attempt failed. Forgetting to write one week, I would throw the entire project to the curb.

For me, I had to commit to writing every single day. It wasn't required, I made little to nothing off it, but I chose to do it. Whether it's a new habit you're trying to form, consistently go to the gym, practice an instrument, or something else, find the pace that helps you stick with it. That could mean doing it less often with more regularity, or perhaps you need to do it more often.

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