Correction Without Defacement


When a coworker blatantly fails to follow the correct procedures and mandates, you have a legitimate reason to chastise. They did something wrong, and they cannot repeat the mistake. It's your job to make their responsibility clear, but it is not your responsibility to belittle and demean.

For starters, only those responsible and their immediate superiors need to know what's going on. Broadcasting the failure of a teammate only removes trust and honor in the relationship. In addition, there is a good chance the person will admit and know what was done wrong and what needs to change. There is no need to belabor the correction or become unreasonably agitated.

Correct others lighter than expected and most of the time they will want to do better. They will strive for improvement. But to heap guilt and condemnation on a teammate will only darken the situation and leave the person looking for a back door at the first opportunity.

Stephen Roblescorrection