Cutting Corners


Every company has its procedures, a system of checks and balances. Sometimes they can be cumbersome, maybe long or arduous. It seems that "asking forgiveness rather than permission" would help move the process along much faster. 

When you're the newest on staff, every procedure seems unnecessary. They just delay productivity and stifle creativity. Everything should be reformed! What we don't see are the numerous reasons why that policy is in place. A company doesn't start out with an employee handbook that's 3,000 pages, it adds a new policy when a mistake is made. A problem arises, and the fix is to add a rule.

Should a business occasionally revisit its policies? Perhaps update and change them to apply today? CertainlyUnfortunately, many companies don't have the time or manpower to comb through them all. But I do know this, trying to circumvent the policies, good or bad, will only solidify their place in the handbook. Even though it's time consuming and seemingly unnecessary, follow the rules. Then, if you want to challenge their value, you'll have months of experience on which to build a case.

Stephen Roblescorners