Discover Something, Together


Today I learned that the Japanese Giant Hornet can fly 25mph, is two inches long, and can kill a Praying Mantis in a one-on-one duel. I can’t say that this information will ever be useful to me, but in the process of learning I was able to connect with my six-year-old son. 

At dinner he asked if bees and wasps ever fight. If you’re a parent you know there is never a shortage of random questions, and many times we do not have the time to research an answer. But today I did, and rather than dismiss it as a silly question we took the time learning about giant hornets, together. 

For someone who is obsessed with efficiency and productivity, doing research that is not lucrative and not required for work seems foolish. A waste of time. But you never know when an opportunity to bond with your child will come and go. There is a finite number though, and one day you will have to be extremely intentional about making time. So take advantage now, while your child is still asking questions.

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