Do It for One


As it stands, this blog post will not be read by hundreds or thousands of people. We all dream our work will reach the world; affect real change in our society. A few experience that, the ones with multiple platinum records and New York Times Bestsellers. But a majority of us will not.

It's hard to be okay with that. And it's hard to stay motivated once you come to terms with it. Why put forth all your effort to create something, for money or not, if it won't be seen by millions of people? What's the point?

The kicker is, you may never know the point. Your work, your creation, may touch the lives of only a few people. Hopefully you'll hear about it, but you may not. Validation from someone else may never come. But know this, even if only one person sees what you do, yet it impacts them, inspires them to live better, you have done something invaluable. Don't worry about the masses, produce something great for one person, and maybe, just maybe, others will see it too.

Stephen Roblesone