Do Something for Free


When we meet with someone we haven't seen in a while and ask, "How are you?", the usual response from both parties is: "Good. Really busy." Feels like we're all "busy." Whether we are too busy is one thing, but with our busy culture and glorification of work, there's pressure to be busy making money.

I get antsy when I feel unproductive. Even more so when I know there's something I could be doing to earn some extra income and I'm not doing it. But to only work with the motivation of making money can become lifeless. A drag. Making money is necessary to live, but not to exist. 

Every once in a while, whether it's a hobby, or something in a field other than your real job, do something with no intention or possibility of making money. Do it for free, for the sole reason that you enjoy doing it. Or maybe you feel fulfilled because of it. Perhaps you can use your skills for a selfless act towards others. There's something beautiful about creating a thing for it's own sake, and nothing else.

Stephen Roblescreate, free