Done in Secret


When a musician is hired to play a wedding, some people are surprised by what it costs. For just a 30 minute ceremony to cost over $100 seems unreasonable. Only, that musician is not asking to be paid for 30 minutes, but rather the countless hours spent alone honing their craft.

It's easy to look at "famous" people and think they did it overnight. Musicians and artists who "came out of nowhere." But for many of them, the skill they exude from the stage during a concert is not natural. They could not lay down their instrument and years later pick it up to play just as they did in their prime. No, it takes practice.

Many times learning a new skill or improving on one you have is a thankless job. It's done alone, probably late at night, with no one to cheer you on. It can be discouraging, and many find it hard to follow through. But those long hours are not in vain, because one day the skill will be ready for all to see, and they will think it happened overnight.

Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

— Matthew 6:4 (NIV)
Stephen Roblespractice