Don't Settle


As a child, my parents always had to convince me not to settle. I would earn or be given an amount of money and due to a lack of patience, I'd want to buy the most expensive toy I could with the money I had (whether I really wanted it or not). 

Maybe there was a toy I really wanted, but it would take weeks if not months to save up for it. I barely had the endurance to wait a day much less weeks to buy a new toy. The money was burning a hole in my pocket and I had to spend it.

Once I spent it and played with my new toy for a while, the remorse sank in. I could have saved a little more and gotten something special, but sold out at the earliest opportunity. It's like waiting for a wave at the beach. There are lots of mediocre waves you might enjoy riding, but if you are patient, and wait, a truly great wave might appear. And if you had settled for something just a minute earlier, you'll miss the best.

Stephen Roblessettle