Drought of Communication


Rarely do we get past surface emotions and truly deal with our roots of bitterness, insecurity, doubt, and resentment. Relationships whither and die, people grow farther apart, and many times it’s the result of never having an open and honest conversation about our emotions.

As with a fear of the unknown, we fear a person’s reaction to vulnerable and real conversation. It’s easier to dance around the tough topics and piling offenses than to sit face to face and bare your heart. But, a relationship has no chance of survival if there are mounting tensions with no confrontation. 

Even in harsh conditions, a plant can grow if it has just some exposure to water. Squelch the water and no matter how conducive the land is to growth, the plant dies. Relationships may look vibrant on the surface, but in order to last they need to be watered with open conversation.

Stephen Roblescommunication