Excitement (and Disdain) Are Contagious


When you're up to your knees in a project working towards launch it can be difficult to keep spirits high. Long hours, long to do lists, quickly approaching deadlines, they all contribute to a constant stress. But once launch day comes, the attitude around your product will be infectious, for better or worse. 

Whether you're a fan or not, Jimmy Fallon excels at excitement. Every night he emerges from backstage with a smile on his face, and it stays for the next 40 minutes of The Tonight Show. You can't help but feel some joy. 

Your visible excitement is necessary to propel your product forward. Regardless of your role, every person has to be a salesman at some point. Be the biggest evangelist for your own company, tell everyone why they should love it too, and it will be contagious. 

Stephen Roblesexcitement