Information has never traveled faster than it does today. Any question you think of can be answered in seconds with your internet-connected, piece of metal and glass. It's magical. 

While information travels at light speed, it creates an illusion that creating something should be just as easy as consuming. It's become easy to learn something, but to practice something, become an expert, that only comes with time. 

Years ago you may have been an apprentice to a butcher. Study the trade for years, then become a butcher yourself. Maybe your whole life, you work the unglamorous job of chopping meat. You won't become famous or even rich, but you will be an expert. The skills developed can never be taken away, for only 40 years can teach your hands mastery. 

Some of us can't imagine working the same job 5 years let alone 40, but dedication and hard work have intrinsic value that is lost on our generation. 

See the documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix. 

Stephen Roblesexpertise