Every day this year I have posted a new blog at 12:01am. 70 days, 70 blog posts. Except today.

I forgot.  

It's 5:30am as I write this, 5 hours and 29 minutes late of my daily goal. My personality tells me: "well, you finally screwed up. Guess it's time to call it quits." In other words, if it can't be perfect, don't do it at all. 

But that's not how life works. We can't give up when perfection is no longer attainable. We don't cease our college education the first time we get a "B." We can't quit our jobs after the first reprimand. 

So, this is a temporary setback. If it happens again this year, I won't let it stop me. Perfection may no longer be attainable, but that doesn't automatically mean failure.  

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