Find the Right Tool


There are always several ways to accomplish any single task. Driving a nail into some wood? You could use the handle end of a screwdriver, or hit it with your wrench, but it's probably wiser to use the tool created specifically for that job: a hammer.

When it comes to creative work, there are usually several good options. You have your choice of application to edit video, retouch photos, or for graphic design. Cloud storage? Even more options. It sometimes feels like you have to choose between 1,000 hammers that all appear the same.

The key is finding a tool that works for you. Just like the users of an application, the various creators of different apps all think a little differently. Some have unique processes, a particular layout, or proprietary work flow. Find the app whose learning curve is the shortest, meets your requirements, and works like you do. 

Stephen Roblestool