Every Problem is a First World Problem


As I entered Chipotle the other day, a woman read a sign on the door and loudly exclaimed:

"They're out of carnitas? STILL?"

I understand the frustration of wanting your "usual" and being unable to get it, but the amount of irritation expressed about the carnitas was a little exaggerated.

We love to remind others about "checking their privilege." After all, they probably have heat and air conditioning, clean water, and a working bathroom. In a sense, 99% of us living in America should never complain about anything. Each of our problems, by definition, are first world problems.

So is the answer to never complain or else be ridiculed for insensitivity? A world without complaining might be nice, but it's unrealistic. Instead, can we focus less on what we're allowed to complain about and be more grateful for what we have?



Stephen Roblesprivilege