Force Yourself To Be Unavailable


In the age of text, email, Slack, GroupMe, Facebook, and more all on the device in your pocket, someone will always try to get a hold of you. Maybe it's work, maybe it's personal, but the always on nature and ease of "pinging" someone can take its toll.

You cannot depend on others to stop demanding your attention on the weekend. As your colleagues and friends think of something to tell you, they're going to tell you. Even if it's 5am or midnight. The burden is on you to turn on Do Not Disturb.

Make a point to choose a moment in the day and declare, I'm no longer available. You will still get texts and emails, people will still try to call you, but release yourself from the requirement to answer. And then, try not to feel guilty about it. You are not paid to work 24/7, you're not breaking the company rules by sending that call to voicemail; you are retaining your sanity.

Stephen Roblesunavailable