Forest Through the Trees


It's easy to get caught up in the minutia of a project. We get so focused on one task, trudging along forcing it to fit inside the puzzle. But are we sure this one thing is even necessary?

Regularly, it's important to take everyone up 10,000 feet for the panoramic view of a project. Ask things like: What do we hope to achieve once the final piece is in place? What will a successful "end" look like? Is this one, tiny cog benefitting or hindering our progress?

Eventually you have to come back to Earth and start checking boxes off the to-do list, but always keep the end vision in sight. The word "vision" gets overused and almost sounds like a gimmick nowadays, but it's still important. And if you happen to be the leader of a team, be sure to communicate the vision clearly, effectively, and often.

Stephen Roblesforest