Imagine you are on the high seas, approaching a large and powerful storm. Fifty foot swells, gusting winds, and only darkness lie ahead. You cannot turn around and outrun it, and it is too wide to go around; the only option is through it.

Surely it will be a terrible ride, one that will test not only the integrity of your ship, but your mental and emotional endurance as well. There is no escape, and to dig your heels in the ground in an attempt to stop what's happening will only prolong the inevitable.

There are seasons of life that feel much like this scenario. We dread the weeks leading up to an event, we get tossed about and thrown by the wind, and there seems to be no end in sight. But knowing there is no escape, you must take that as motivation to push forward. The only exit is forward, so do not delay. Face it head on and at full throttle.

Stephen Roblesforward